Monday, September 8, 2014

The First Negative Comment

This happened DAYS (like a lot of days) ago, and I've been sitting on it debating whether or not I wanted to blog about it. I decided that I couldn't NOT blog about it. This is the first time I've been trolled on Instagram and I just had to share it with all of you. I mostly found it hilarious. Let's begin.

Some of you may have seen this picture that I posted relatively recently:

Yep, that's the once-in-a-while-HUGE-shop-because-we-have-no-food cart picture. I'm so bad about running to the store to grab stuff we need, so it usually sneaks up on me when there's no food and all of a sudden I have to spend a million years grocery shopping. My own fault, yes, but still a pain. (PS - I usually don't shop at Wal-Mart, but I knew this trip was going to be expensive.) Allow me to show you the caption I posted. 

Is anybody offended yet? 

I think it was the next day that I saw a new comment on this picture. It was especially strange because this wasn't one of my more popular posts (and why would it be? Just normal everyday mundane tasks being big deal). Upon reading this new comment, I think I felt every emotion possible in the span of 30 seconds. Exhibit A:

Let's discuss. I don't know this girl. Upon stalking her, I realized that all she does is search for random pictures from people she doesn't know and leave rude comments. It was so evident because all the comments on her (maybe 10?) pictures were from others calling her out. I thought about 9178435 different ways to respond to this. Do I leave her a comment on one of her pictures? Do I ignore it all together? Neither. I left my comment right underneath and addressed her directly. Exhibit B:

As you can see, I started off by being pretty polite, but then I just had to add my true feelings. I was not about to let this little girl leave this comment on my picture for all my real friends to see and let them think that I'm some horrible person. Generally I'm a fan of the leave-it-alone mentality, and I don't like to call attention to people who clearly want the attention, but I just couldn't resist. 

If you have any questions about me or my personal life or choices, please ask. If you're wondering what I mean by "recycling" my plastic bags, I'll explain. I keep some in my car to use as impromptu trash bags -- you never know when you'll need one. I also pack my lunches in grocery bags. I use them as poop bags for my dog. I use them to line small trash cans.I use them to put my hedgehog's dirty bedding in before putting it in the trash can. I use them when I'm cooking to contain raw meat containers and other food trash so bacteria doesn't spread everywhere. Basically, I use grocery bags instead of buying other products for this stuff. 

Not that I think I need to explain this to the whole world, but obviously I'm feeling a little defensive. After I left my comment, I laughed it off. But I had to address that I'm not some earth-hating, nature-polluting yuppie who prefers plastic. Because that's not the case. 

Kthanks. I feel better now.

Friday, September 5, 2014

High Five for Friday

It was a slow week, so I'm digging for the good. But it just makes me realize that there's so much to be happy about. Also, I'm easily amused.

1. I spent Friday & Saturday nights at my parents' house last weekend, and on Saturday my mom and I got some good shopping in. Gotta take advantage of those Labor Day sales!

2. On Monday Erich and I spent nearly the entire day cleaning. It was a pain, but much needed. And I feel so much better now. Monday was good. Also, I know that this is a stupid picture, but we finally decided on a shelving unit for the bathroom. Our tiny little bathroom has no space, and this thing only needs to last for a year. Done. Yay!

bathroom storage, target

3. I finally watched Frozen! I think I was the last person on earth who hadn't seen it, but that is finally remedied. I was already in a silly mood, so of course I laughed at everything. I have to say, though, I can't get on board with Elsa. I didn't like her. I mean, she almost killed her sister twice. Please don't send hate mail.

4. I cooked four nights in a row. One of those nights (Monday -- the good day) was chicken and dumplings in the crockpot. So easy and so good. On top of that, I didn't eat out for lunch once, so I saved a bunch of money this week. That feels good. It's the little things, really.

chicken and dumplings

5. We ordered our save the dates! I had a friend design them, so she sent me the final files and we finally got to order them! They should be in hopefully next week then will be in the mail the week after that. Ahh! It feels real! In addition to that, I got a little sample-happy with invitations. I've ordered 11. So many options! I also knocked out a couple bridesmaid gifts. I'm on it.

wedding, save the date
This is the picture we chose to use, but I won't show you the finished product. At least not yet. Sorry!
Question for brides (past, present and future): Did you send out traditional invitations, e-vites, or those foldable invitations where you tear off the response card? Why did you choose what you did? How did it work out?

Linking up with Lauren

ABCs of Me

Alright. So. I have a few new faces around here (HI!) and I've managed to NOT blog for a million years. I am so incredibly nosy, so my favorite posts are when bloggers tell me everything about themselves. Hopefully you all feel the same way because that's what we're doing here today. And I need a super lazy way to get back into this blogging thing. 

I did a basic Google search for the ABCs of me, and a bunch of bloggers obviously have already done this. So this is a compilation of what I found on a few. (Credit goes to this lady and this one, but who knows where the questions originated.) Also, sorry if some of these are repeats from posts I already have. Oh well. 

Thanks to Ben Hallissy for taking this!
A - Age: 25
B - Birthday: July 26
C - Chore you hate: "Small cleaning." Does that make sense? No, of course it doesn't. I'd rather reorganize a whole room or clean the bathroom or wash dishes or something than do random little clean-ups throughout the house. For example, cleaning off the coffee table when it's covered in piles of random stuff is my idea of a nightmare. So is cleaning off my desk.

Clean Clean Up animated GIF
D - Drink: Juice. I'm five.
E - Eyes: I've always said blue, but my fiance told me the other day they're actually green. Hmm.
F - Favorite color: Red & Yellow
G - Gent: Erich, the fiance. 
H - Hobby: Reading

90s Melida animated GIF
I - Indulgence: Is being lazy an indulgence? No? Then milkshakes.
J - Job: Technical Writer
K - Kids: None yet, but someday.
L - Love: I love a lot of things. Maybe I'll make that its own post.
M - Music: I listen to tons of stuff. I don't listen to much country or gangster rap, but everything else is game.
N - Nickname: Erich calls me girl. I don't hate it. My family calls me Gaylie. My middle name is Elizabeth, so it stemmed from Gayle E. then turned into Gaylie. 
O - One Wish: I wish I had more money. Selfish.
P - Pet peeve: SO MANY PET PEEVES. I really hate when people eat hamburgers upside down. There is a TOP bun for a reason. 
Q - Quote: "People should fall in love with their eyes closed." -Andy Warhol

People should fall in love with their eyes closed!
R - Residence: Virginia, but probably only for about another year.
S - Siblings: Three step-siblings, but I didn't grow up with them. Only child.
T - Time you wake up: During the week, anywhere between 5:45-6. On a weekend anywhere from 8:30-10. 
U - University: Salisbury

Fulton Hall
This is the school I graduated from -- Fulton School of Liberal Arts. {via}
V - Vegetables you dislike: Avocado. Yes, that means I don't like guac. 
W - Worst Habit: I have a lot, but we'll go with picking the skin around my nails. It's totally gross and it ruins my cuticles. 
X - X-rays: Mostly my teeth. Maybe my foot once, and a chest X-ray when I had bronchitis earlier this year.
Y - Yuck: Snakes. I just can't.
Z - Zoo (favorite animal): Giraffes